Innovative Health Solutions

Simple and intuitive - based on the concept of nudging

Our Services

Our core business is the application of the latest insights in behavioural science and its application and implementation to tackle our clients’ challenges and reach their ambitious goals

Project Realization

Our core field: We design and imple-ment innovative nudging projects together with you

Policy Consultancy

Benefit from our technical expertise and plan your next strategic steps with us

Commiss. Studies

We conduct and shape the studies for the questions you want to be answered


We introduce you into the technique of nudging for designing your own interventions


We evaluate or help you evaluating your interventions you initiated

Project Implementation

We understand ourselves as a classic consultancy firm. But we have a very clear-cut focus on behavioural sciences and its application in the health sector. We are always thrilled to connect latest scientific insights with current challenges in health promotion and healthcare. We implement projects together with you and find the best solution for your challenges regarding

  • Improving health and health care
  • Reduction of costs and expenditures
  • Piloting and evaluating new and innovative interventions

Our working style follows a very clear and reliable pattern: Define the goal  – Understand the issue– Plan jointly– Pilot– Evaluate


Strategy and Policy Consulting

You want to know more about the potential of applying nudges in health, health care and health policy? You want to get into the nitty-gritty, the potential risks, consequences and opportunities of nudging in the public  sphere because it is relevant for your daily work? You want profound input for new public health interventions? Then we’re right on the mark!


We provide you with all relevant information from academia, policy and politics and consult you for your next steps. No matter if it’s a new law, public communication or strategic positioning. Benefit from our expertise.

Commissioned Studies

You are considering to become active in the field of nudging but you are still not quite sure of how to take this step? Especially big companies and ministries are very careful and cautious because nudging still provokes primarily negative associations. If you can’t find answers to your questions in the current state-of-the-art, let us know!

Our expertise is both in quantitative (e. g. surveys) and qualitative (e. g. literature search, interviews, observations, natural experiments) methods.

Let’s together bring more insights and knowledge into the realm of behavioural sciences and health.

Training and Capacity-Building

You are interested in nudging and behavioural sciences in general? But you don’t know yet, what it exactly means, what its possible applications are and above all how to implement it? We would be delighted to introduce you into the general topic, present you the whole range of nudges, point to challenges and barriers and can make you familiar with evaluating your interventions.

Contact us for presentations, profound workshops or if you need stimuli for existing trainings.


You know exactly what you want to do or you are already running an intervention? And you also want to know exactly if your intervention has brought the desired effects, but you are not quite sure how to measure it?

We are thrilled to support or set up an evaluation process which leaves none of your questions unanswered!

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