Our Efforts for Public Health

We are thrilled to make a significant contribution for promoting health of millions of citizens in our daily lives. We realize this by
independent public health campaigns
, independent scientific studies and an annual conference on “Nudging and Health”


We don’t need extra sports classes or any gym if we want to be more active in our daily lives. Above all, we don’t want anybody to tell us “Do this or that”. Our answer: a simple technique, convenience for everyday life and above all – humour.


We have developed a so-called stair prompt or stair nudge called #treppegehtimmer (German for “you can always take the stairs”) getting support from the healthcare marketing company Peix from Berlin. We produced nice graphics and funny slogans animating people to use the stairs instead of the escalator. In September we will roll out our campaign at the station “Berlin Zoologischer Garten” to reach about 150.000 people daily.


You are curious and interested? And you would apply these slogans in your company, school, university, city or community as well? We are delighted to provide you with the appropriate slogans for your setting. You wish to have the posters in your corporate design? No problem, we can easily adapt!

In some cases we can also help you in financing your health campaign by applying for grants from health insurances. Feel free to contact us and we will find a way to move your people.

A joint campaign between läuft and the Berlin-based Healthcare-Agency Peix.

Independent Scientific Studies

It is our ambition to put latest knowledge and insights from academia into practice. According to us both science and practice are inseparably interconnected with each other. For us it is evident that we also need to add our part and contribute own and independent studies to our societies. We are currently working on the following topics and publications:

The concept of nudging has stayed unknown to the majority of the people so far. If discussed in media, it is often described as purely manipulative and that the state would take their citizens for stupid. We appreciate an open and critical discussion, but many studies show that the majority of the people is in favour of applying health nudges (above others Reisch, Loibl, Sunstein).
That’s why we initiated an extensive online-survey amongst German citizens to get to know how familiar they are with the concept of nudging und under which circumstances they are in favour or not (depending on the health goal, the target group and the initiator of the nudge). With the insights gained from this study we want to spur and support the discussion of health-nudges in Germany.

With our campaign #treppegehtimmer we endeavour to promote physical activity in our everyday lives. When we were developing the campaign and doing field analysis we could observe that the decision of the person walking in front of somebody else is a very important predictor if the person behind takes the stairs or the escalator. We conducted an experiment to support this hypothesis with evidence and found astonishing results! We’ll publish our results soon!

So far most of the publications dealing with nudging and health focus on nutrition and physical exercise. At the same time these are also the most influential causes for obesity. Hence, there is a huge potential in applying more nudges to support the prevention and treatment of obesity. We analysed the current guidelines of obesity in children and adults and are conducting a literature search to gain more insights in how nudges can improve patient journeys of obese citizens.

Currently, German Global Health initiatives gain more importance, attention and funding. One proof is the foundation of the Global Health Hub Germany. We also want to contribute our part in pointing to the potential by applying nudges in international health projects. That’s why we founded a working group on “Nudging and Global Health” in which we are working on a scoping review of the potential of nudging in Global Health.

Prof. Matusiewicz has initiated a book project on thinktanks in the German health system. In this book we will present our company läuft, our goals and working modes. We will further illustrate the opportunities in applying nudges in the German health system.

Save the date: Nudging Conference April 3-4, 2020 - Charité Berlin

Nudging has gained more attention of innovative stakeholders in health policy. Our next conference wants to support this development. We want to connect relevant stakeholders for boosting the improvement of the German health system. Our conference on nudging and health will take place on April 3 and 4, 2020 at Charité Berlin. We will offer a platform for all nudging enthusiast from academia, public and private sector.

PlaceCharité Berlin, Campus Virchow, Forum 3

DateApril 3-4, 2020 (from  9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

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