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Nutrition and Supermarkets

Nutrition in Canteens


Sie möchten, dass Ihre Mitarbeiter*innen oder die Kinder*innen Ihrer Schule gesund essen? Oder Sie sind Caterer und möchten Ihren Fokus auf gesundes Essen hervorheben und damit Ihr Image stärken?

Es gibt einen ganzen Katalog an einfachen, kreativen und effektiven Maßnahmen, um die Ernährung in Kantinen zu verbessern. Im Grunde genommen geht es immer darum, die Attraktivität und den Zugang zu gesundem Essen zu stärken. Wir begleiten Sie von der Zieldefinition bis zur Umsetzung und Evaluation.

Zielgruppen: Schulen, Betriebe, Kantinenbetreiber, Caterer

Wichtige Quellen/LiteraturSmarter Lunchrooms

Promoting Physical Activity


You want your employees or the children of your school to eat healthier? You are a caterer and you want to point out your focus on healthy eating?

There are plenty of simple, creative and effective measures for improving eating habits in canteens. Basically, it’s all about increasing the attractiveness, access and convenience of healthy food. We support you from goal setting, all the way through the implementation phase up until the final evaluation.

Target groups: Schools, universities, cities, communities, enterprises

Important sources/literatureSoler et al. (2010): Point-of-decision prompts to increase stair use

Healthy Workplaces

Nudging und BGM

You want your employees or students to be more active and do more physical exercise? Or you want to promote health and an active lifestyle in your city or community?

There are various opportunities for increasing the levels of physical exercise across all social groups by applying nudges. One of our most famous and successful products is our campaign #treppegehtimmer which we can easily adapt to your specific setting and requirements. But there are many more ways to increase physical activity.

Target groups: Enterprises (especially small- and medium-sized companies)

Important sources/literatureInitiative für Gesundheit und Arbeit (2019): Nudging im Unternehmen

Healthy Decisions in the Supermarket

Nudges für bessere Kaufentscheidungen_Ernährung

We make most of our decisions related to the food we consume whilst shopping in the supermarket. Hence, why shouldn’t we be active here? Together with supermarkets and retail we are developing solutions, you can gain the attention and appreciation of their customers. The evidence shows that the perceived impact on health outcomes is the second most important criteria for buying a product or not. At the same time we find solutions which do not decrease your bottom line but actually can increase it in the best scenario.

We offer joint pilot studies to critically examine what works and if your customers do really buy more healthy products and how these changes affect your sales.

Target groups: Innovative supermarkets and drug stores

Important sources/literatureBird & Rogers (2013): Decision-Making in the aisles

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